The Effects of Gating Systems on the Soundness of Lost Foam Casting (LFC) Process of Al-Si Alloy (A.413.0)


Materials Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology


The effects of gating systems, number of runner, and their locations, in the Lost Foam Casting (LFC) of Aluminum alloy (A.413.0) were investigated. Six different gating systems, with one or two running systems were designed. X-ray radiography and the three axis-bending tests have been employed to evaluate the casting soundness and quality. The results revealed that gating systems have a major effect on the formation of the casting defects, i.e. the bottom gated produced the lowest porosity and folded, in comparison with the side and the top gated systems respectively. The number of runners, which is the melt filling entrance to the mold, can either eliminate or reduce the casting defects, whilst the increased number of runners with the reduced surface area can increase the formation of the defects.