Diffusion Process for GGR Machining System with Spares, Balking and Reneging (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Mathematics, Basic Science Institute

2 Mathematics, I.B.S, AGRA

3 Department Of Mathematics, IIT Roorkee,Roorkee,India


This paper deals with the G/G/R machining system consisting of M operating machines as well as S cold standbys. The concepts of balking and reneging are incorporated which make our model more versatile to deal with real time systems. The broken-down machines are sent to repair facilities consisting of R permanent repairmen. The failure times and repair times are generally identical and independent distributed random variables. The failed machines are repaired according to FIFO rules. By using a diffusion process, the steady-state probability density function for the queue size is obtained in terms of the first two moments of inter-arrival times and repair times of machines. Some expressions in explicit form that characterize the system performance are also mentioned.