The Effects of Potassium Promoter on the Syngas Conversion of Cobalt Catalysts (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Sistan & Baluchestan

2 Chemical Engineering, Sistan & Blochestan university


The effects of potassium promoter for production of heavy hydrocarbons from syngas with silica- supported cobalt catalysts has been studied. After preparing the catalysts in accordance with the sol-gel method, they were subjected to various tests by using a small steely micro-reactor and capable of operating in diversified situations, such as stable temperature range, flow rate, space velocity, etc. Thorough observations revealed that the conducive situations can be achieved by the ratio of H2/CO=2 with a temperature of 220 ºC, whereas the flow rate of CO and N2 components must be equal about 35 ml/min.