Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine with Cottonseed Oil Plus Diesel Oil Blends


1 Mechanical Engineering, M.J College of Engineering and Technology

2 Mechanical Engineering, Nawab Shah Alam Khan College Of Engg and Tech


aIn the present study a 4-stroke 5hp diesel engine was tested with Diesel oil plus cottonseed oil blends. The blends in different proportions (10 to 50 percent by volume) were tested at constant speed of 1500 rpm. The said engine is operated at different loads and characteristics like Brake power, Brake thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption etc. Engine performance for blends resulted in lower brake thermal efficiency. Smoke is also found to increase with the blends. The results of the present experimental investigations reveal that the performance of the blends is comparable with that of diesel. Hence blends can profitably be employed in an existing CI engine without major engine modifications, further it can be an immediate solution for the development of rural areas, and for the emergency use in the event of severe diesel fuel shortage.