Ultra-Widband Distributed Amplifier Using Loss Compensation Technique on Both Input and Output Circuit


1 VLSI Research Group, University of Waterloo

2 Electerical Engineering, University of Tehran


In this paper, we analyze a distributed amplifier based on input/output attenuation compensation. The analysis is carried out for a HEMT transistor; and a constant-k section filter is used to calculate the amplifier’s characteristics such as attenuation factor, phase constant and gain. The proposed design approach enables us to examine the tradeoff among the variables, which include the type and the number of devices, and the impedance and cutoff frequency of the lines. Consequently, we arrive at a design which gives the desired frequency response with significant bandwidth enhancement of around 70% with about 10% increase in circuit size. The simulation carried out by Advance Design System (ADS) software. Excellent agreement is shown when the theoretically predicted response of a typical amplifier is compared with the result of the computer-aided analysis (simulation).