Performance of Infilled Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board PSSDB Load Bearing Wall (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Civil Engineering, UKM


This paper describes the testing of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board (PSSDB) load bearing wall system. Experimental tests were conducted on various PSSDB wall samples, with and without infill materials to study its effect on the PSSDB load bearing wall performance. A proprietary profiled steel sheet, Ajiya Cliplock (0.48 mm thick) attached to Cemboard (10 mm thick) on one side, and Cemplank (10 mm thick) on the other side, via self drilling, self tapping screws spaced at 200 mm centre to centre were used for the tests. The height of the tested panels was all fixed at 3 metres. Results show that the ultimate loads at failure were between 28 kN to 45 kN, and between 158 kN to 182 kN for panels without and with infill materials respectively. Panels filled with polystyrene mortar show better axial load performance than panels without infill materials.