Lattice Gas Automata Simulation of Adsorption Process of Polymer in Porous Media


1 Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2 Petroleum Engineering, Universitas Trisakti


Lattice gas automata (LGA) model is developed to simulate polymer adsorption process by adding some collision rules. The simulation result of the model is matched with batch experiment and compared with accepted isothermal adsorption equations. They show that the model is viable to perform simulation of the polymer adsorption process. The LGA model is then applied for simulating continuous polymer solution flow through porous media. Some parameters such as concentration, surface area, and porosity are varied to examine their effects. The concentration and porosity parameters are found to affect adsorption rate at the transient period whereas the surface area affects the maximum number of adsorbed polymer molecules. Meanwhile, the polymer adsorption in porous media may decrease its permeability and fluid velocity.