Optimal Control of Service Rate in a Service Center with Lapse (Research Note)


1 Engineering, University of Mazandaran

2 Engineering, Buali Sina University


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the effect of a particular control doctrine applied to the service mechanism of a queuing process with lapse. It is assumed that the service discipline is FCFS (first come, first served), arrival process is Poisson, service time distribution is exponential, service process is one phase and the capacity is infinite. It is also assumed that the customer may give up joining the system when the queue is overcrowded. Expressions are obtained for queue length probabilities for describing control performance. The aim of which is to decrease customer’s expectancy time via incorporation of a service cost structure. The model is executed by two control methods, namely the single level control and double level hysteretic control. Finally, the results are compared with each other through solving a numerical example.