Pressure-Velocity Coupled Finite Volume Solution of Steady Incompressible Invscid Flow Using Artificial Compressibility Technique


Civil Engineering, Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology


Application of the computer simulation for solving the incompressible flow problems motivates developing efficient and accurate numerical models. The set of Inviscid Incompressible Euler equations can be applied for wide range of engineering applications. For the steady state problems, the equation of continuity can be simultaneously solved with the equations of motion in a coupled manner using the Artificial Compressibility Technique. This technique helps coupling the pressure and the velocity fields during the explicit computation procedure of the incompressible flow problems and therefore speeds of the convergence of the solution. The discrete form of the two-dimensional flow equations are formulated using the Cell Vertex Finite Volume Method for triangular unstructured meshes. Using triangular unstructured meshes provides great flexibility for modeling the flow in geometrically complex domains. Some numerical techniques adopted for the unstructured meshes are used to stabilize and accelerate the explicit solution procedure without degradation of accuracy. In order to verify the accuracy of the numerical model, computed results are compared with the analytical solutions of potential flow problems.