Modeling the Tensile Behavior of Fibers with Geometrical and Structural Irregularities


1 Centre for Material & Fibre Innovation, Deakin University

2 Engineering, Deakin University


Virtually all fibers exhibit some dimensional and structural irregularities. These include the conventional textile fibers, the high-performance brittle fibers and even the newly developed nano-fibers. In recent years, we have systematically examined the effect of fiber dimensional irregularities on the mechanical behavior of the irregular fibers. This paper extends our research to include the combined effect of dimensional and structural irregularities, using the finite element method (FEM). The dimensional irregularities are represented by sine waves with a 30 % magnitude of diameter variation while the structural irregularities are represented by longitudinal and horizontal cavities distributed within the fiber structure. The results indicate that fiber geometrical or dimensional variations have a marked influence on the tensile properties of the fiber. It affects not only the values of the breaking load and extension, but also the shape of the load-extension curves. The fiber structural irregularities simulated in this study appear to have little effect on the shape of the load-extension curves.