A Novel Stand-Alone Single-Phase Induction Generator Using a Three-Phase Machine and a Single-Phase PWM Inverter


Electerical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology


A new type of single-phase stand-alone induction generator using a three-phase induction machine and a single-phase voltage-source PWM inverter is introduced. The generator scheme is capable of producing constant load frequency with a very well regulated output voltage. A small lead acid battery and a single-phase full diode-bridge rectifier are used to feed the inverter. The inverter feeds one of the stator phases. During the generator voltage build up, the inverter supplies the battery first and after a while a diode-bridge rectifier, which is fed by the generator, replaces it. The system steady state and dynamic equations are derived and are solved to obtain the performance characteristics of the generator scheme. A digital simulation study is carried out for a 2.2 KW threephase induction machine. The simulated results obtained confirm that this generator can achieve an output power of about 0.6 pu.