Full Analysis of Low Finned Tube Heat Exchangers


Industrial Engineering, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)


In this paper, first the governing parameters characterizing low-finned tubes are reviewed. Second, the more important of the available performance correlations are compared with the available experimental data. The most reliable one can be employed to develop a pressure drop relationship, which has already been used in an algorithm for exchanger sizing. Also a means for the identification of advantages of low-finned tube heat exchangers over plain tube units has been developed. It has been recognized that for low-finned tube units there are some potential benefits to place certain liquids, particularly with high viscosities, in the shell side of heat exchangers rather than the tube side. These benefits can be obtained in both reduction of surface area and the number of shells required for a given duty. They result in heat exchangers, which are more compact and are also easier to construct. The performance evaluation of low-finned units, in terms of area benefits is notdiscussed in this paper. However, the results of this study will complete the author’s investigation for low-finned tubes heat exchangers.