An Algorithm to Compute the Complexity of a Static Production Planning (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology

2 Engineering, Islamic Azad University


Complexity is one of the most important issues of any production planning. The increase in complexity of production planning can cause inconsistency between a production plan and an actual outcome. The complexity generally can be divided in two categories, the static complexity and the dynamic complexity, which can be computed using the ant ropy formula. The formula considers the probability of a system in different scenarios in which it can happen and based on the formula it computes the complexity of the system. However, the method is not able to make a difference between the complexities of different scenarios such as busy, idle, setup, etc. This paper presents a new algorithm to compute the complexity of a static production planning. Our method ranks the importance of the complexity for each scenario and then computes the complexity of the overall system.