Effect of Surfactant on Spherical Oil Agglomeration of Coal (RESEARCH NOTE)


mining, imam khomeni international university


In this paper, the results of the Spherical Oil Agglomeration of Abstract .45 micrometer superpits low grade co al pa rticles (Bagworth Colliery, U.K.) within a su spension are prese nte d.Demineralized agglomerates were recovered directly by sieving on a 106 micrometer sieve. Verygood reductions in the ash content of the feed coal samples were achieved. In order to reducethe high levels of the crude oil dosage comparatively, small quantities of surfactants were added t o the su spension. Of the va rious su rfactant s screened, Tr iton x.405 (non.ionic) proved to bevery efficient and a crude oil reduction of over 60 wt% was achieved for concentrates containing8 wt% ash.