Dynamic Compensation of Electrical Power Systems Using Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter


1 Electerical Engineering, University of Tabriz

2 , University of Western Ontario


A New Static Var Generator (SVG), using cascaded full-bridge inverters (FBI) with binary output levels and the parallel connections of two cascaded inverters by means of current sharing reactor in each phases is introduced. The new M-level inverter, where M is 2n+2 - 3, consists of only 2n single-phase full bridges for each phases. The proposed technique not only increases the current capacity of proposed SVG but also decreases the output harmonic contents. Also, it can be connected directly to the distribution system without a transformer. Simulation results, based on the PSCAD/EMTDC, a high performance electromagnetic transient simulation program, are used to illustrate the flexibility of control action and also the performance of the proposed SVG in a power system environment.