Robust Hybrid Motion Force Control Algorithm for Robot Manipulators


1 , Universidad Nacional de San Juan

2 Instituto de Autom?tica - Facultad de Ingenier, Universidad Nacional de San Juan


In this paper we present a robust hybrid motion/force controller for rigid robot manipulators. The main contribution of this paper is that the proposed hybrid control system is able to accomplish motion objectives in free directions and force objectives in constrained directions under parametric uncertainty both in robot dynamics and stiffness constraint constant. Also, the given scheme is proved globally stable in the sense that the control objectives are achieved asymptotically, when a signum function is used in the control law, though giving rise to chattering effects. To avoid this problem a saturation function is used. In this case the motion and force errors are proved to be bounded functions. Using the proposed control structure there is no need to measure the derivative of the interaction forces. Some simulation results are given to illustrate the control system performance.