Lime and Distilled Water Treatment of Dispersive Soils by Electroosmosis Effect (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Geotechnical Engineering, University of Tabriz


This paper explains the procedure and results of electro osmosis treatment of a dispersive soil. A number of cylindrical specimens of a dispersive soil were subjected to the electro osmosis effect and the subsequent cation changes in the soil, inlet water and outlet water were measured. The tests were carried out using distilled water and lime extract in anode. It was observed that with distilled water the TDS and percent sodium values decrease both in the soil adjacent to the anode and the cathode electrodes. This proves a considerable migration of cations due to the electro osmosis effect. In a limited period of treatment, using distilled water, the dispersivity is treated in soil close to anode while increases in soil close to cathode. However, in long term, the effect may be partially reversible. Less efficiency is obtained with lime extract in a limited period of treatment. Probably if a long term treatment with a lower voltage had been carried out a better effect would have resulted. However, further investigations are needed.