Optimal Trajectory of Flexible Manipulator with Maximum Load Carrying Capacity


Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology


In this paper, a new formulation along with numerical solution for the problem of finding a point-to-point trajectory with maximum load carrying capacities for flexible manipulators is proposed. For rigid manipulators, the major limiting factor in determining the Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity (DLCC) is the joint actuator capacity. The flexibility exhibited by light weight robots or by robots operating at a higher speed dictates the need for an additional constraint to be imposed for situations where precision tracking i. e., the allowable deformation at the end effector is required. An Iterative Linear Programming (ILP) method is used to optimise the load (load mass and load moment of inertia) of elastic robot subject to both constraints. A general computational procedure for the multiple-link case is presented in detail. Simulation is carried out for a two-link planer robot. The results confirm the necessity of the dual constraints.