Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (Ivhs) Issues and Recommendations


, Research Scientist Transmode Inc.


Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) is the integration of various pieces of information and computer technologies to the transportation elements in order to obtain a more productive transportation system. The five major components of IVHS are the Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS), Advanced Vehicle Control Systems (AVCS), and Advanced Public Transportation systems (APTS). This paper examines the different macro level issues such as socioeconomic, legislative, financial, environmental and international as well as micro level issues such as insurance and liability related to IVHS. It then identifies the obstacles that potentially hinder the implementation and growth of IVHS. After examining the implications of these issues it attempts to make suitable recommendations to help resolve different IVHS issues. The issues concerning the applicability of IVHS in developing countries are also examined in light of the current situation and suggestions on the applicability of specific technology areas are included.