A Numerical Modeling for Natural Convection Heat Transfer in Porous Media With Generated Internal Heat Sources


1 Mechanical Engineering, Shiraz University

2 Chemical Engineering, Shiraz University

3 , Shiraz University


In this paper a numerical method is used to study the unsteady state natural convection heat transfer within a confined porous media with uniform internal heat generation. The governing equations based on the Darcy model and Bossiness approximations are solved, using the finite difference Alternating Direction Implicit (ADI) method. The developed program was used to simulate natural convection heat transfer within the grain silos, where the respiration of the grains generates heat as a result of metabolism of the products. The results of the analysis show that for short periods (up to 40 days) natural convection is not the dominant heat transfer mechanism and the maximum temperature is on the centerline. In longer periods (greater than two months), fluid recirculation enhances and a cold region near the central axis of the silo is created due to natural convection