Real Time Dynamic Simulation of Power System Using Multiple Microcomputers


1 , Imperial College of Science and Technology

2 Electrical Engineering, Sharif University


Recent developments in the design and manufacture of microcomputers together with improved simulation techniques make it possible to achieve the speed and accuracy required for the dynamic simulation of power systems in real time. This paper presents some experimental results and outlines new ideas on hardware architecture, mathematical algorithms and software development for this purpose. The results of power system studies are discussed, and a new system formulation is proposed in which the State equations and electrical network equations are partitioned; the network equations being solved separately on a host processor while the state equations of each generating unit are solved on slave units. A transputer based, parallel processing system connected to micro VAX computer is proposed for the simulation of the dynamics of a power system in realtime. Such a simulator can be used for the evaluation of instability over a long period of time resulting from persisting faults and for the study of voltage collapse phenomena in power systems.