Optimal Operation of Multi-Microgrid System Considering Uncertainty of Electric Vehicles

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, Mazandaran University of Technology, Behshahr, Iran

2 School of Engineering and Built Environment - Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Griffith University, Australia


Integration of electric vehicles (EVs) into the power systems has been a concern for distribution system operators due to their impacts on several aspects of power system operation, such as congestion management, power quality, voltage regulation and peak time changing. In this paper uncertainty parameters such as charging time, traveled distance and plug-in location of EVs are considered and their effects on the optimal daily operation of microgrids (MG) is discussed. A power system, including geographically-adjacent quasi-independently controlled MGs, each of which has different operation objective function (OF) is modeled in this paper. A set of socioeconomic OFs i.e. minimum purchase power from the main grid, maximum usage of green power and minimum Expected Energy Not Supplied (EENS) is considered for each MG which appear in the optimization process with different weights based on the MG policy. The effect of EV integration into the Multi Microgrid System (MMS) is also investigated in this paper and performance effectiveness of different operation management policies against EV integration is discussed.


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