A New Generalized Step-up Multilevel Inverter Topology Based on Combined T-type and Cross Capacitor Modules

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran


This paper presents a new symmetrical switched-capacitor (SC) multilevel inverter topology which can convert the input DC voltage to a step-up multilevel AC waveform on the load. This proposed multilevel inverter consists of one T-type and several cross-capacitor modules. The structure of the generalized multilevel inverter is such that the peak inverse voltage (PIV) remains constant as the number of cross-capacitor modules increases which leads to reduce the total standing voltage (TSV) of the switches and cost function compared to other traditional topologies. The introduced structure can inherently generate the positive, negative, and zero voltage levels on the output without the back-end H-bridge section. The capacitor’s voltages in the T-type and cross modules are inherently balanced, simplifying the control system under the nearest level control (NLC) switching strategy. To verify the performance of the proposed topology, several simulations and experimental results for a type 13-level inverter are provided by MATLAB and TMS320F28379D DSP, respectively.


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