Energy Collector Based on Piezoelectric Nano Materials in the Power Supply System to Improve the Efficiency of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for Industry 4.0

Document Type : Special Issue on BDCPSI


College of Logistics Information, Henan Logistics Vocational College, Xinxiang, China


Due to the strong electromechanical coupling, small size and high sensitivity, piezoelectric nanomaterials have been widely used in generators, sensors and other fields. In this paper, the characteristics of energy collector in IIoT power supply system based on piezoelectric nano-materials are analyzed. PVDF piezoelectric nanofibers are prepared by electrospinning technology. The material and control chips are integrated into a bimodal piezoelectric energy collector. The effectiveness is analyzed experimentally. The experimental results show that the resonant frequency of energy collection varies with the length of the cantilever arm. When the length of the cantilever arm is 12mm, the installation error of 1.0mm length leads to 3.5% of the resonant frequency error. The optimal load of piezoelectric vibration collectors with different cantilever arms is 400K. The output power of CUB, BRG and BTG are 50.7 μ W 55.6 μ W and 51.8 μ W, respectively. At the same time, the working frequency band of energy collectors with various cantilever structures is 12Hz to 18Hz. The optimal excitation frequency is 16Hz. In summary, the energy collector of power system constructed by piezoelectric nano-materials proposed by many researchers has high efficiency, which can provide a quick solution for IIOT in Industry 4.0 and enhance the power generation mechanism. It is of great significance to the development of IIOT in practice.


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