Real-time Emotion recognition with AD8232 ECG sensor for class wise performance evaluation of Machine learning methods

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All India Shri Shivaji Memorial Society's Institute of Information Technology,Pune.411001


Emotions are the accelerators of human intellect and innovation and creativity, so the ability to recognise emotions is in high demand. Real-time hardware has hurdles of Noise and hardware factors as compared to simulations. An electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor (AD8232), a temperature sensor (LM35), and a signal processing circuit are parts of the proposed work's real-time emotion identification. The RR intervals are calculated from the electrocardiogram data. Emotions prediction using machine learning makes use of RR intervals and body temperature as features. One of the four emotions namely 1. Happy 2. Stressed 3. Neutral 4. Sad. is visualised at the serial port of the processor. This is accomplished with the help of the WESAD benchmark datasets and the Python HRV, serial, and pickle librariesThis article's innovation factors are (1) Use of ECG for emotion detection rather than disease detection with Emotion induction method, RR interval capturing and design of RR interval GUI for real time capture of temperature and ECG (2) Display of current emotion on Arduino serial port. (3) Measurement of Class performance using F1 score, macro average, and weighted average instead of general term accuracy. (4) Use of the probability based Navies Bayes as compared to traditional KNN, SVM, Random Forest nethods (5) Class wise performance for example Navies Bayes' specificity or accuracy is lower than SVM's (0.96), but its recall or sensitivity is higher (0.97 vs. 0.94) for stress.In this article, we presented performance parameters in terms of interactive computations, tabular form and graphical display.


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