Distance Measures of Pythagorean Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach for Online Food Delivery Apps (OFDAs)

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Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, Amity University, Noida, India


The expansion of the online food delivery apps (OFDAs) around the globe has accelerated because of the sudden growing cases of the COVID-19 pandemic. OFDAs are quickly expanding in India, providing a huge number of chances for different OFDA platforms and creating a competitive market. There are several criteria and dimensions for OFDAs businesses to explore to keep with the frequently changing competitive market and achieve long-term success. A Pythagorean fuzzy set (PFS) is a powerful tool for dealing with uncertainty. Distance measure of PFS is a hot research topic and has real-life applications in many areas, such as decision making, medical diagnosis, patterns analysis, clustering, etc. The article aims to examine the results of the novel Pythagorean fuzzy distance measure strategy to select the best online app using TOPSIS method to select the best OFDAs. Firstly, all the axioms related to distance measures are proved for the proposed measures. The proposed work uses five distinct alternatives/options and four attributes/criteria in a fuzzy environment to deal with imprecise and conflicting information. The findings indicate that the proposed methodology is a more realistic way to choose the best OFDAs among others. Finally, a sensitivity analysis is used to determine whether the chosen alternative was the best option among the other components and to ensure that the TOPSIS technique results were accurate.


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