Aspects of Foundation-Soil Interaction of Nuclear Structures Under Seismic Conditions Through the State-of-Art Review

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Department of Civil engineering SVNIT Surat


This state-of-the-art review study emphasized the problem of failure of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) due to earthquake forces. Soil-NPP interaction may lead to damage to these unique structures of the critical infrastructural system of any nation in demand to fulfill the energy requirement. So, the soil-structure interaction (SSI) is the key motivating factor to review the fundamentals of NPP with its base soil conditions. Moreover, the problems associated with NPP-SSI have been overcome with the application of an advanced foundation system called combined pile raft foundation (CPRF). This study checks the scope of the provision of CPRF to NPP through SSI. The approaches for analyzing the seismic behavior of NPP in CPRF are strategically reviewed in this study. According to the literature findings, SSI is the most significant factor in deciding the seismic resistance of NPP. The fragility analysis demonstrated the importance of SSI in the design of NPP earthquake behavior. CPRF plays an important role in NPP-SSI to minimize structural damage.


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