High Temperature Corrosion Behavior of High Velocity Oxy Fuel Sprayed NiCrMoFeCoAl-30%SiO2 and NiCrMoFeCoAl-30%Cr2O3 Composite Coatings on ASTM SA213-T22 Steel in a Coal-fired Boiler Environment

Document Type : Original Article


1 School of Mechanical Engineering, REVA University Bengaluru, India

2 Department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences, REVA University Bengaluru, India


High-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) sprayed coatings can improve the corrosion resistance of bare ASTM SA213-T22 boiler steel. In this report, we have investigated the NiCrMoFeCoAl-30%SiO2 and NiCrMoFeCoAl-30%Cr2O3 composite coatings were deposited on bare ASTM SA213-T22 boiler steel for corrosion protection. High-temperature corrosion studies were conducted in a molten salt (Na2SO4-60%V2O5) environment at 700ºC under thermo-cyclic conditions. The as-sprayed composite coatings are characterized for microstructure and mechanical properties. The thermo-gravimetric method was utilized to understand the kinetics of corrosion. Characterization of the corrosion products was examined by using scanning electron microscope (SEM)/ Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques. The obtained results suggest both the composite coatings are favorable to corrosion resistance over the bare ASTM SA213-T22 boiler steel. The NiCrMoFeCoAl-30%Cr2O3 composite coating was concluded to present a superior corrosion resistance in the high-temperature corrosion environment because of the uniform distribution of the composite coating matrix and the development of protective protection Cr2O3 in the scale. The molten salt heat-treated chromium oxide containing coating shows good corrosion stability than the silica composite. This could be attributed to the high temperature assisted formation metal chromates, chromites and oxide layers.


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