Effect of Suspension System Stiffness on Dynamic Load Action Chassis Multi-purpose Forest Fire Fighting Vehicle

Document Type : Original Article


Vinh Long University of Technology Education, 73, Nguyen Hue street, Vinh Long city, Vietnam


Multi-purpose forest fire fighting vehicles include a combination of fire fighting equipment such as a high-pressure water pump, create corridor fire insulation cutting machine, vacuum and high wind speed bowling machine, extinguish the fire sandblast apparatus that is mounted on the URAL 4320 active three axles vehicle. When installing fire fighting equipment on vehicles, increases the load, affecting the vehicle's load distribution, angularity, and stability. Therefore, to ensure structural rigidity, the suspension system is redesigned to increase rigidity. However, alteration of the suspension stiffness will change the dynamic load acting on the chassis. This research presents the results of research on the influence of suspension stiffness on dynamic loads acting on the chassis of a multi-purpose forest fire fighting vehicle. The survey results showed that an increasing the suspension stiffness will increase the dynamic load acting on the chassis, and reduce the durability of the chassis in particular and the details of the vehicle in general. The research outcomes are the basis for evaluating the working life of the chassis in subsequent studies.


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