Axial Behavior of Concrete Filled-steel Tube Columns Reinforced with Steel Fibers

Document Type : Original Article


1 Roads and Transport Engineering Department, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Diwaniyah, Iraq

2 Civil Engineering Department, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), Moscow, Russia

3 Civil Engineering Department, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Diwaniyah, Iraq

4 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq


Concrete filled steel tube (CFST) columns are being popular in civil engineering due to their superior structural characteristics. This paper investigates enhancement in axial behavior of CFST columns by adding steel fibers to plain concrete that infill steel tubes. Four specimens were prepared: two square columns (100*100 mm) and two circular columns (100 mm in diameter). All columns were 60 cm in length. Plain concrete mix and concrete reinforced with steel fibers were used to infill steel tube columns. Ultimate axial load capacity, ductility and failure mode are discussed in this study. The results showed that the ultimate axial load capacity of CFST columns reinforced with steel fibers increased by 28% and 20 % for circular and square columns, respectively. Also, the circular CFST columns exhibited better ductility than the square CFST columns due to better concrete confinement. Circular and square CFST columns with steel fibers showed improved ductility by 16.3% and 12%, respectively. The failure mode of the square CFST columns were local buckling which occurred near the end of columns, while, for the circular CFST columns, local buckling occurred near the mid-height. Also, the study involved sectional analysis that captured the behavior of CFST columns very well. The sectional analysis showed that increasing steel fiber content to 2% increased the axial load capacity by 51 and 38% for circular and square CFST columns, respectively. Furthermore, sectional analysis showed that doubling section size increased axial load capacity by approximately 4 and 5 times for circular and square columns, respectively.


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