Development of Work Breakdown Structure for Stadium Work as Project Guideline and Standard

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia, West Java, Indonesia


A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a key visual project tool functioning as an obligation in managing construction projects, due to playing a crucial role from planning to execution. However, there are still several problems related to the implementation of WBS, such as miscommunication and poor development, where all involved execution parties do not accurately understand the scopes and objectives. This ultimately leads to project losses, based on cost, time, and quality, where standardization is not observed within the WBS preparation and development. Therefore, this study aims to develop a standard stadium WBS, for all involved execution parties to understand and achieve work information consistency. This was performed by mapping the Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Bill of Quantities (BQ) data of previous stadium projects with experts in their respective fields. The results showed the development of a standard WBS containing levels 1-6, including design alternatives, implementation requirements, and material specifications. During application, this tool helped to compile the entire scope of results-oriented projects as related guidelines and standards, with each hierarchical level from the top to the lower components. The obtained results also considered the consultants, contractors, and auditors at the planning, implementation, and monitoring stages, respectively.


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