Influencing Parameters of Exterior Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint Shear Strength: A Depth Review of Recent Advances

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry, India


Beam-Column Joints (BCJ) manage the structural behaviour and failure mechanisms under severe events, blast, earthquakes, and impacts. Thus, they are the critical constituents in a building. Disparate deficiencies, say beam weak on flexure, shear, and column weak in shear, are present in this joint assembly to account for limits in design rule. To analyze the Reinforced Concretes (RC) Beam-Column (BC) connections behaviour, systematic research was performed amid the past '20' years. The influence parameters in favor of the Shear Strength (SS) of external RC-BCJ are investigated here. (a) The Concretes Compressive Strength (CCS), (b) confinement joint by the beam, (c) anchorage length, (d) beam and column reinforcement, and (e) the columns axial load are the '5' main parameters intended for the joint SS, which is found through the outcome. The most considerable correlation to the joint SS was found with the CCS amongst the influence aspects. This study reveals the vital features of the RC-BCJ shear strength. 


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