Mechanical Properties and Wear Behaviour of Stir Cast Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite: A Review

Document Type : Original Article


Mechanical Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, Haryana, India


In this 21st century, various materials like metals, alloys, and composites are available for different industrial applications. Composite materials are gaining popularity due to their enhanced mechanical properties over other materials. However, for continuous improvement in the properties of these materials, different research groups are constantly inVolved in it. In this research paper, the focus is to review the mechanical properties like hardness, tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength along with surface characteristics like wear resistance of AMMC’s. As per the available literature, liquid state processing is more popular than solid-state processing due to the better dispersion of the reinforcement particles in the matrix materials. Stir casting is mostly used liquid state processing method because of its ease and the overall low cost of production. It has been noticed that the mechanical and surface characteristics of AMMC’s can be improved by adding different reinforcement particles in small percentages (usually 0.5-20%). It has been observed that hardness, tensile strength, and flexural strength for mostly used AMMC’s ranges from 38-99.6 HV, 100-478 MPa, and 199.52-430 MPa respectively. This research paper also included the influence of various working parameters on the wear rate of AMMC’s. It is noticed that wear loss for AMMC’s generally varies from 0.0050-0.004 g. The impact resistance is a crucial parameter in the study of AMMC’s used for aerospace and automotive applications and it has been noticed that its value for popular AMMC’s varies from 3.6-38 J.


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