Analytical investigation on the stress distribution in structural elements reinforced with laminates subjected to axial loads

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Università Politecnica delle Marche


The present paper investigates the stress distribution in structural ele-ments reinforced with laminates and subjected to axial loads. The pro-posed analysis provides an analytical solution for the shear stresses dis-tribution between the substrate and the reinforcement, and for the normal stresses in the cross-section of the reinforcement. The stress analysis assumes a linear elastic mechanical behaviour of the adherends. The solutions obtained are applied to the problem of the elastic stability of a beam/column supported at its ends. The manifesta-tion of the buckling phenomena leads to the failure of the structural el-ement for loads lower than the characteristic strengths of the materials. In particular, the critical load represents the watershed value between the purely compressive and flexural behaviour of the element considered. In the case of stiff substrate, the buckling phenomenon leads to delami-nation of the reinforcement in the compressed area. Since buckling is an elastic problem, the stress distribution in the elastic range is used here to determine the value of the delamination length of the reinforcement at the critical load. In this way an analytical analysis – which may be useful in the design phase of the reinforcement – is proposed.


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