Numerical Study of Twin Jets Interactions using Realizable Model

Document Type : Original Article


1 Laboratory of Materials, Energetic Systems Technology and Environment, University of Ghardaia, Ghardaia, Algeria

2 University of Larbi ben M’hidi, Oum Elbouaghi, Algeria


In the present study, we numerically investigated the twin turbulent jets characteristics and turbulent quantities when a solid object is placed between the two nozzles. The two jets are assumed to be isothermal, incompressible and fully developed. Turbulence is modeled by the k-e Realizable model. The set of Reynolds averaged Navier Stokes equations are solved iteratively by the Fluent software. The numerical model is validated with the experimental results available in the literature. For many Reynolds numbers, it was found that velocities and its gradients decay along the longitudinal direction. The placement of a solid object between the twin jet affects the flow structure behind nozzles due to the curvature effect of the solid object. The converging region is disappeared and the combined points axial position increases with Reynolds number. The evolution is almost linearly with an increase in Reynolds number. The effect of  turbulence intensity at the exit of the nozzle is also examined. For a fixed Reynolds number, the axial combined position increases almost linearly with turbulence intensity.


Main Subjects

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