Conglomerate Energy Efficient Elgamal Encryption Based Data Aggregation Cryptosystems in Wireless Sensor Network

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a Department of Computer Applications, Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Pallavaram, Chennai, India


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are growing rapidly since the past decade mainly due to its efficiency and Ad-Hoc feature. The data aggregation has been extensively employed in WSN that also impact on the data transferring between the sensor nodes. The security issues, data integrity and confidentiality become vital during the deployment of sensor network in a hostile environment. The entire network comprises of sensors, base stations, gateways and nodes which are connected for the purpose of digital transmission. Many existing works have been evolved to address the security issues in WSN but all focused only on basic security features but lack to obtain reliable and effective results in terms of parameters like energy consumption, packet delivery ratio, and computational cost. This paper focussed on the primary research area of data aggregation and the mode of transmission in an energy efficient way without congestion. To obtain the objective, an integration of Conglomerate ElGamal energy efficient protocol has been employed and the performance of the proposed system are evaluated. Since the resource constraint nodes of the wireless sensor network requires less energy to cope up with limited battery power, the main purpose of the work is to build an efficient security mechanism that enhances the performance of the network with less energy, minimum delay, and maximum throughput. The performance parameters like packet delivery ratio, throughput, estimation of alive nodes and dead nodes for different rounds has been performed in the study. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the proposed system has been compared with state of art methods in terms of residual energy and depicted that deliberates the superior performance of the presented framework


Main Subjects

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