Modified Second Order Generalized Integrator-frequency Locked Loop Grid Synchronization for Single Phase Grid tied System Tuning and Experimentation Assessment

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1 Electronics and Communication Department, Government Engineering Collage,Modasa,Gujarat, India

2 Electrical and Electronics Department, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda,Vadodara,Gujarat,India


The phase-locked loop (PLL) is applied in grid-tied systems to synchronise converter operation with grid voltage, affecting converter stability and performance. Synchronous reference frame PLL (SRF-PLL) is a popular grid synchronisation method due to its simplicity and reliability. Normal SRF-PLL cannot suppress DC offset, causing basic frequency and phase oscillations.When a grid is irregular, its bandwidth should be reduced to ensure acceptable disturbance rejection without sacrificing detection speed. To enhance the phase-angle estimation speed and accuracy, the researchers modified structure by  adding the pre/in-loop filter in advanced PLLs.The capacity to deliver improved dynamic response and reduced settling time without compromising system stability or the ability to eliminate disturbances is a major issue for PLLs. Among different control methods, SOGI-FLL (second-order generalised integrator-based frequency locked loop) had the best performance. It tracks grid voltage frequency precisely even when there is harmonics,voltage variations, frequency fluctuations, etc. In the event of a dc offset, the calculated frequency incorporates low frequency oscillations. A modified second-order generalised integrator frequency-locked loop (MSOGI-FLL)  is presented in this work to address grid voltage anomalies of all types, including dc offset. Using the Waijung Block-set of MATLAB/Simulink, a Modified SOGI-FLL is realized and evaluated by applying abnormal grid voltage situations using a low-cost DSP-based STM32F407VGT microcontroller. The results demonstrate MSOGI-better FLL's performance in harsh circumstances.


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