Effects of Deceleration on Secondary Collisions between Adult Occupants and the Vehicle in Frontal Crash Accidents

Document Type : Original Article


China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology


The paper seeks to highlight and analyze the relationship between the occupants’ displacements of chest and pelvis and the deceleration of vehicle in frontal crash accidents. A testing scheme including 5 groups of dynamic tests was devised and conducted, and totally 5 kinds of acceleration pulses were employed to simulate the real crash. The experimental finding indicates that the integral values and shapes of vehicle’s deceleration pulses can influence the occupants’ chest and pelvis displacements to some extent, thus having effects on the risks of secondary collisions between occupants and the vehicle. How the deceleration pulses of vehicle influence the secondary collision is also clarified in the paper by a comprehensive comparison of testing results between different groups. Further research can be carried out on the optimization of deceleration pulses of vehicle in the frontal collisions and on how to reduce the risks of secondary collisions based on the findings.