An Efficient Approach for Edge Detection Technique Using Kalman Filter with Artificial Neural Network

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of CSE, Rama University, Kanpur, India

2 Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Himalayan School of Science and Technology Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU) Jolly Grant Dehradun


Edge identification is a technique for recognizing and detecting sharper breaks in an image. The halt is caused by a rapid change in the value of the pixel force dark level. Convoluting the picture with an administrator (Two-Directional channel) that is set to be noise sensitive is the standard approach for edge location. Edge finder is a method for locating precisely adjusted intensity esteem alterations that incorporate many significant neighborhoods image preparation methods. Edge recognition is a fundamental method in a wide range of image processing applications, including movement analysis, design identification, object recognition, clinical picture creation, and so on. It's recently shown up in a variety of edge detection systems, demonstrating both the advantages and disadvantages of these computations. The Kalman Filter with ANN method has two benefits that make it suitable for dealing with improvement issues: quicker merging and lower calculation rates. In this study, The ANN method was used to improve object localization accuracy. Kalman filtering is used to object coordinates acquired using the ANN method. Using ANN + Kalman Filtering increases localization accuracy and lowers localization error distances, according to the findings.


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