Analysis of a New Linear Dual Stator Consequent Pole Halbach Array Flux Reversal Machine

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


The permanent magnet machine has attracted much attention due to its high torque density at low speed and simple configuration. This feature is due to many magnetic pole pairs that flux in the air gap can be significantly changed with the smallest motion of the moving. In this paper, a linear dual stator flux reversal permanent magnet machine (LDSFRPMM) with toroidal winding is presented, which magnets embedded with Halbach and simple array on the translator and stator, respectively. The innovation of this structure over a conventional machine is the addition of a magnet between the stator teeth with the appropriate magnetic orientation, and finding the best width of permanent magnet on the stator and a change of the type of winding from the concentrated to the toroidal. By implementing these changes on a conventional machine, the main parameters of the machine such as back electromotive force (EMF), thrust force, power factor and permanent magnetic (PM) flux are increased which improves the performance of the proposed machine.


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