An Improvement on Slot Configuration Structure of a Low-Speed Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator with a Wound Cable Winding

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran


This paper are concentrated on low-speed surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous generator (LS-SMPMSG) electromagnetic design using finite-element (FEM)-based method. Introduced LS-SMPMSG as an important generator in the industry is utilized in marine energy conversion (MEC) and tidal energy conversion (TEC) systems. The main feature of the designed LS-SMPMSG exhibited is its ability to generate electrical power in MEC and TEC systems at a low speed of approximatively 100 rpm. In this paper, a new slot structure for LS-SMPMSG has been proposed to enhance the LS-SMPMSG performance. The FEM analysis and comparing results shows that the new slot structure reduced the torque ripple and the cogging torque equal to 19.54% and 87.5%. respectively. Also, it influenced the LS-SMPMSG Joule losses by reducing it close to 16.1%. Another advantage of the new slot structure of LS-SMPMSG is its easy construction and assembly. The FEM analysis as a powerful method validates the advantages of the proposed structure.


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