Power Quality Improvement in Microgrids using STATCOM under Unbalanced Voltage Conditions

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran


A large number of single-phase loads and sources create unbalanced voltage in microgrids. Voltage unbalance reduces the power quality, which results in misoperation or failure of customer equipment and microgrid. Also, voltage unbalance negatively impacts induction motors, power electronic converters, and adjustable speed drives.  Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), as an influential segment of the Flexible Alternative Current Transmission Systems (FACTS), has been extensively utilized as shunt compensators for controlling reactive power and regulation voltage in transmission and distribution networks. Under unbalanced conditions, an oscillating couple between the positive and negative sequence components of control loops emerge in the d-q frame. This paper suggests an innovative point of common coupling (PCC) voltage controller in Decoupled Double Synchronous Reference Frame (DDSRF) to compensate for an unbalanced PCC voltage and reduce the oscillating couple using STATCOM. Implementation of the proposed DDSRF involves several steps. Firstly, unbalance signals are rotated counterclockwise to split up the positive sequences. Secondly, those signals are rotated clockwise to separate negative sequences. Finally, by utilizing mathematical equations, the proposed DDSRF is introduced, which enables independent control of positive and negative sequence components. This study controls DC capacitor voltage for unbalanced conditions. Furthermore, the regulation voltage at PCC is performed. The control system scheme is also designed under unbalanced conditions, and simulation results guarantee the suggested control strategy.


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