Gain Boosted Folded Cascode Op-Amp with Capacitor Coupled Auxiliary Amplifiers

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1 Aviation Electronics Department, Civil Aviation Technology College, Tehran, Iran

2 Aviation Electronics Laboratory, Civil Aviation Technology College, Tehran, Iran


A novel gain boosted folded cascode Op-Amp using simple single stage auxiliary amplifiers is presented. The proposed auxiliary amplifiers are designed in a way that have proper input and output DC common mode voltage without using common mode feedback network. The inputs of the auxiliary amplifiers are insulated by the coupling capacitors and floating-gate MOS transistors. Thus, the DC input voltage level limit has been removed. Diode connected transistors are also used in the output of the auxiliary amplifiers, which keep the output voltage level at the desired. A simple single stage auxiliary amplifier imposes fewer poles and zeroes on the main amplifier compared to more complicated amplifiers where consumes also less power consumption. Simulation results in a 0.18μm CMOS technology show a DC gain enhancement of about 20dB while output swing, slew rate, settling time, phase margin and gain-bandwidth retain almost as the same as previous folded cascode design.


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