Experimental Investigation of the Change of Elastic Moduli of Clastic Rocks under Nonlinear Loading

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Oil and Gas Technologies, Perm National Research Polytechnic University, Russia


This paper presents an experimental investigation on the nonlinear nature of the dynamic geomechanical characteristics of a clastic rock (sandstone). Rock samples of 7.5 mm in diameter and 15.6 mm in length were prepared. Rock properties were identified. Firstly, the limits of the rock linear elasticity zone were defined during quasistatic loading and uniaxial compressive strength determination at the Tinius Hounsfield rig. Secondly, the small experimental custom-built rig was designed to study the nonlinear nature of the Young’s modulus in the zone of linear elasticity. At the rig the sample was stationary preloaded. The dynamic load was generated by a piezoelectric actuator powered with a signal generator. The displacement of rock sample surfaces was recorded by a laser sensor and an eddy current probe. The dynamic experiments were conducted at the load amplitude ranging from 50 to 250 N for each of frequencies of 25 Hz and 40 Hz. It was found that the dynamic Young’s modulus increased with amplitude for all the frequencies studied. The newly developed experimental rig allows to investigate elastic moduli dispersion of rocks at the strain up to 10-3 under vibrations with frequency up to 40 Hz.


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