An Ultra-low-power Static Random-Access Memory Cell Using Tunneling Field Effect Transistor

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1 Department of ECE, P.A College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, India

2 Department of ECE, Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore, India

3 Department of ECE, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, India

4 Department of ECE, Karpagam College of Engineering Coimbatore, India


In this research article, an Ultra-low-power 1-bit SRAM cell is introduced using Tunneling Field Effect Transistor (TFET). This paper investigates feasible 6T SRAM configurations on improved N-type and P-type TFETs integrated on both InAs (Homojunction) and GaSb-InAs (Heterojunction) platforms. The voltage transfer characteristics and basic parameters of both Homo and Heterojunctions are examined and compared. The proposed TFET based SRAM enhances the stability in the hold, read, and write operations. This work evaluates the potential of TFET which can replace MOSFET due to the improved performance with low-power consumption, high speed, low sub-threshold slope, and supply voltage (VDD = 0.2 V). The results are correlated with CMOS 32nm technology. The proposed SRAM TFET cell is implemented using 30nm technology and simulated using an H-SPICE simulator with the help of Verilog-A models. The proposed SRAM TFET cell architecture achieves low power dissipation and attains high performance as compared to the CMOS and FINFET.


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