Control of a Single Stage Boost Inverter Based on Dynamic Sliding Mode Control with Power Decoupling

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Robotics, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran


In this paper, the problem of control a single-stage boost inverter is studied. The goal is to achieve a system with robustness against variations in parameters, fast response, high-quality AC voltage, and smooth DC current. To this end, a new type of dynamic sliding mode control is proposed to apply to various scenarios such as parameter uncertainties and DC input voltages. In comparison with the conventional double-loop controllers, the proposed sliding mode controller utilizes only a single loop in its design, while having attractive features such as robustness against parametric uncertainties. In addition, a methodology is proposed for the decoupling of double-frequency power ripples based on proportional-resonant (PR) control to remove the low-frequency current ripples without using additional power components. Compared to conventional controllers, the proposed controller provides several features such as fast and chattering-free response, robustness against uncertainty in the parameters, smooth control, proper steady-state error, decoupled power and good total harmonic distortion (THD) over the output voltage and input currents, and simple implementation. In a fair comparison with classical sliding mode control, simulation results demonstrate more satisfactory performance and effectiveness of the proposed control method.


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