Optimization of Process Parameters of Electron Beam Welded Fe49Co2V Alloys

Document Type : Original Article


1 Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Korwa UP, India

2 Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, UP, India


Electron beam welding has shown a remarkable job in the space industry for welding of components. It is performed under a vacuum environment that eliminates foreign matter such as hydrogen, oxygen, and other gases. Joining of similar and dissimilar materials is the main advantage of electron beam welding with high depth to width ratio as well as sharp focus at the point where parts are to be welded. EBW reduces the HAZ (heat affected zone), making it one of the most acceptable welding processes. In this study, evaluation of the effect of joining parameters on the mechanical strength and hardness is conducted using Minitab software. The strength of the electron beam weld varies with welding parameters. Therefore, correct and optimized parameter selection imparted the highest welding strength. Some welding parameters directly affect weld strength; those were judiciously selected for our experiments. Therefore, 3x3 arrays were selected for investigation on the microhardness and ultimate tensile strength of Fe49Co2V. Three levels and four factors are chosen for analysis. The input parameters are selected as Accelerating Voltage (KV), Welding Speed (mm/min), Beam Current (mA), and Focus Current (mA). This study reveals the maximum welding strength obtained at High Voltage (55 KV), High Beam current (7 mA), Moderate Speed (20 mm/min), and moderate focus current (2365 mA). Similarly, the microhardness obtained at a High Voltage (55 KV), High beam current (7 mA), high welding speed (30 mm/min) and minimum focus current (2210 mA).
This study reveals the maximum welding strength obtained at High Voltage (55KV), High beam current (7mA), moderate speed (20 mm/min) & moderate focus current (2365mA). Similarly, the micro-hardness obtained at a High Voltage (55KV), High beam current (7mA), and the high welding speed (30 mm/min) & minimum focus current (2210mA).


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