Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation with Reduced Common Mode Voltage and Current Losses for Six-Phase Induction Motor Drive with Three-Level Inverter

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran

2 Barkhat Institute of Higher Education, Ahvaz, Iran


Common-mode voltage (CMV) generated by the inverter causes motor bearing failures in multiphase drives.On the other hand, presence of undesired z-component currents in six-phase induction machine (SPIM) leads to extra current losses and have to be considered in pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques. In this paper, it is shown that the presence of z-component currents and CMV in six phase drive system are two major limiting factors in space vector selection. The calculated voltage space vectors for both symmetrical and asymmetrical SPIM drive system with three-level inverter are illustrated in the decoupled subspaces and described in terms of undesirable voltage components and CMV value. Several space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) techniques are investigated based on CMV and z-component currents generation. Then, a modified SVPWM technique with minimum current distortion, undesired current components and CMV with a modest torque ripple is proposed based on the simulation results. 


paper. The space vectors were selected and applied in
each PWM method based on maximum α-β voltage,
minimum z-component current, and CMV production.
Based on theoretical analysis and simulation results, it is
shown that just SVPWM-2 and SVPWM-5 methods with
lower amplitude in the α-β plane for symmetrical and
asymmetrical SPIM respectively are applicable. Both of
the PWM methods produce no CMV but SVPWM-5
produces a slight z1
 current component while no zcomponent
current is generated by SVPWM-2 method.
The comparison of the number of switches state changing
during the sampling time interval shows that SVPWM-2
has lower switching compared to SVPWM-5 strategy and
leads to lower switching losses. On the other hand, both
of the PWM methods have the same voltage and current
THD approximately, and the generated electromagnetic
torque has lower ripple in SVPWM-5 method. However,
high frequency electromagnetic torque ripple can be
damped by the machine mechanical system specially in
larger machines. So, the symmetrical SPIM with
SVPWM-2 strategy can be a better configuration for sixphase
drive system. However, applying three-level
inverter in a six-phase drive system imposes additional
costs, but it leads to longer machine life time and a
considerable modification in efficiency due to CMV and
z-component currents elimination and lower switching

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