Tensile and Flexural Analysis of a Hybrid Bamboo/Jute Fiber-reinforced Composite with Polyester Matrix as a Sustainable Green Material for Wind Turbine Blades

Document Type : Original Article


Bahir Dar Energy Center, Faculty of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia


Recently, there has been a fast growth in research and investigation in the natural fibre composite due to the advantages of these materials, such us low environmental impact, low cost and good mechanical properties compared to synthetic fibre composites. Much effort has gone into increasing the mechanical performance and applications of natural fibes. This paper examines the mechanical properties of a novel hybrid baboo/jute/polyester composite with five different combination ratios to achieve optimum properties. Fibre mats were prepared using manual mat making machine to reduce porosity in the composite. Samples were prepared and tested as per American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard. The result indicated that the hybrid composite with 10 % jute, 20 % bamboo and 70 % polyester shows highest tensile strength (yield strength of 72.03 MPa) compared to other combinations examined, and the hybrid composite with 0 % jute, 30 % bamboo and 70% polyester shows the highest flexural strength (133.9 MPa). The elongation of jute-reinforced composite was found to be the longest in the tensile test (2.98 mm).