Author = Kiumars Mazaheri Body
Number of Articles: 4
1. Investigation of Air Turbulence Intensity Effect on the Flame Structure in Different Flame Holder Geometry

Volume 26, Issue 12, December 2013, Pages 1423-1432

Kiumars Mazaheri Body; Najmeh Hajialigol; Seyed Abdolmehdi Hashemi

2. On Line Determination of Optimal Hysteresis Band Amplitudes in Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drives

Volume 15, Issue 4, November 2002, Pages 329-338

Kiumars Mazaheri Body; S. Vaez Zadeh

3. Numerical Study of Blast Initiation of Detonation Using a Two Step Chemical Kinetics Model

Volume 15, Issue 3, October 2002, Pages 213-222

A. Mahdavi; Kiumars Mazaheri Body; J. H. S. Lee

4. Adaptive Unstructured Grid Generation Scheme for Solution of the Heat Equation

Volume 13, Issue 4, November 2000, Pages 43-54

S.A. seyed-reyhani; A. Banai; Kiumars Mazaheri Body